Letters to the Editor

Opportunity for Kimba

Never in all my years have I seen such opportunities that the hosting of a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility will bring to Kimba.

A minimum of 45 jobs to operate the facility for decades - the biggest single employer our area has ever seen. 

A $200 million+ construction phase with local and regional contractors, suppliers and wage earners a required component of any successful tender. 

A community capital package which I understand is currently under discussion by Kimba’s Economic Working Group delivered once the facility is operational

For me this is a no- brainer.



Hope common sense will prevail

A decade of average or better farming seasons for most of the Kimba District is not the norm. Every drought causes people to leave our area searching for work and many don’t return.

The steady population decline Kimba experiences goes into a much more rapid descent during the drier times. That’s the way it’s been since settlement here. 

Checking out Kimba’s statistics in the RDAWEP’s 2016-17 annual report and the EP Regional Economic Snapshot provided by EconSearch in 2017 gives us, and all small rural towns, cause to think about the longevity of communities that lack economic diversity.

Kimba has the opportunity to welcome an industry that is not reliant on rainfall or climate change. One that doesn’t need our community to find the funds to set up.

One that will be the biggest single employer the district has ever known and for many decades to come.

I hope that common sense will prevail and Kimba will have the opportunity to host the Australian Government’s Radioactive Waste Facility and provide a measure of drought proofing.



Time to act

Like many, I have refrained from public comment on the radioactive waste debate up to now.

However, with the news at least 45 full time jobs will be created in Kimba if we are successful in gaining the final site, I feel compelled to support the possibility of this exciting new industry coming to my home town.

Not only are these fantastic new positions being created, further investigations show remuneration not generally available for similar jobs that exist at the moment. This is clearly an opportunity that will likely never be again available for a community like Kimba.

I feel now is the time to act and secure this opportunity for the benefit every resident in our community.



Jobs needed for Kimba

Living in Kimba all my life I have personally experienced what it feels like to have a lack of opportunity, leaving school and having limited job opportunities, not only in a field I was interested in but gaining employment is hard to come by.

Finally finding a career I love and want to pursue further has had its challenges, especially in our small community, having to leave town to maintain a more stable job with more hours has been the reality for myself and many other people close to me, but I choose to remain living in Kimba because this is my home.

According to 2016-17 Annual Report of EP’s Regional Development Board statistics show that our young aged 15-24 are the smallest sector for the EP region, with Kimba’s even lower than the regional percentages.  And approximately 30% of young people move from the EP each year for employment and study.

For the first time in many years Kimba could have a range of local job opportunities for school leavers, and even our youth who have been forced to leave in search of work and career pathways might choose to return.

How exciting that these prospects could be ours if we are the community lucky enough to host the National Radioactive Waste Facility for low level disposal and intermediate level storage. Jobs with on-job training and others with the need for TAFE or Uni qualifications, and science-based cadetships.

Jobs for our current youth and for those who might like to return to Kimba, or others who are keen to check out Kimba as their new home. All based locally with traditional Monday to Friday roles and others on shift work, can only lead to bigger and better things for our community.



Clive’s back

Clive’s back into the political race once again. Senator Burston has joined his team, much to the chagrin of the Red Head. Clive reminds me of Donald Trump, claiming not to take wages from the public’s purse. Trump and Palmer are both business men and disliked by much of the media.

It’s a far cry from our former treasurer who smoked expensive cigars while asking us poorer Aussies to do the heavy lifting. His lavish spending as our ambassador to America is a disgrace, but he’s safe and secure until his tenure in America expires, and then home to a fat pension.

It’s easy to see that Ambassador Joe and PM Malcolm and other government pollies are aboard the gravy train. What ever happened to former PM Tony’s budget emergency?


Glen Aplin