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The rest of SA have no idea

I find it very interesting that the people from the Kimba region are going through exactly the same style of heartache and grief that people in the Flinders Ranges are going through with this proposal for a NRWMF to be built either here or there.  

What makes this whole process a complete sham is the fact that the rest of South Australia have no idea of what is being proposed for their state.

Ordinary members of the public out side of these two regions being targeted are totally uninformed of what  we are being asked to vote on in three months’ time.

Make no mistake, a NRWMF either at Kimba or Wallerberdina will have an impact on all of South Australia whether they like it or not.

What the department (DIIS) are putting these two regions through should be made public for all South Australians to consider.

One can’t help but wonder of the undertone of a link back to the Jacobs report for the push from the South Australian Royal Commission for a high-level waste dump to be put somewhere in this state.

This could now certainly be a leg in.

For two and a half years, we have heard that hospitals around Australia could no longer store their radioactive waste and nuclear medicine could be in jeopardy if we don’t host this dump.

The economic benefits coming our way if we host a dump will save our towns from dying even though Kimba has won the title of the most sustainable town on Eyre Peninsula, and the Flinders Ranges was the tenth best place in the world for tourism in 2016.

There are several major issues that our districts need to be very aware of and that is:

1) That there will be storage of the much more dangerous and long lasting Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) stored at the NRWMF wherever it goes. For two and a half years this has only been a preferred option to co locate it at the National Low-level Waste Dump.

This has been mentioned briefly by DIIS, and in trying to woo the community further have said it may only be there for several decades or until a permanent disposal site is chosen.  

The CEO of Lucus Heights has now said that we are very lucky to be receiving the ILW because without it coming here, there would be very little economic benefit to the area. Why weren’t the public informed of this from day one?

2) Now suddenly out of the blue, we are going to get a further thirty jobs to handle this ILW that has been coming all the time!

This is just another tactic by the DIIS to woo over the two regions by now throwing forty-five jobs into the district. 

What will happen to the region if in three or four years’ time, a permanent site is found for the ILW somewhere else.

There goes all the economic benefits and at least forty jobs and SA is left holding the baby.

When we look at the mess left behind at Woomera, we need to be very careful what we are committing to.

There is a lot more at stake for both regions to consider, other than the money being thrown at us, to make a decision that could see the demise of our communities if we make the wrong call in the vote in August. 

In effect, our communities are being asked to vote on something with only one side of the story told that will have an effect on all of our state.

This is so wrong.

When you look at the years that our State Government have taken to promote Eyre Peninsula to the status it enjoys today as an outstanding unique clean green agricultural region of excellence, and the Flinders Ranges as the “jewel” in the crown for tourism in South Australia.

Why must we jeopardise this on an issue which involves all of Australia.



A fundamental error

Most Councils will have advised residents of the elections due in November this year and they likely included criteria for joining the voting roll.

All Australian citizens over 18 years of age are on the State or Federal electoral roll and automatically entitled to vote at Council polls. 

To my surprise and I am sure to many; voting at Council elections is also available to “non-Australian citizens” who have resided at an address within the Council for one month or more.

There is a fundamental error here.

Even in a sporting club, voting is restricted to full members. 

Part time or associate members may not vote.

Voting should be considered a privilege and not taken lightly and to offer a vote to anyone not a member, like a non-Australian, is inviting a distorted election outcome. 

For instance, a group of backpacker seasonal workers who were resident for a few weeks could easily influence an election outcome which may differ from the preference of local residents.

Residents desiring a vote are encouraged to firstly become Australian citizens.

In the interest of genuine accountable government, I believe Council elections need to be consistent with State and Federal requirements. 

State MP’s need to be asked to ensure such consistency



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