Wool funds to go to RFDS

The Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee will celebrate the Royal Flying Doctors Service’s (RFDS) 90th birthday with its annual wool drive fundraiser.

The committee will be collecting fleece and oddments from throughout the Lock community and wider area during June.

The son of Lock farmers, Dusty Wheare, is facilitating this year’s wool drive as part of his studies.

One of the year 9 Navigator College student’s Christian Studies projects is to work with a local group to achieve a positive outcome for the community.

“As part of the project, I have to service the community and I decided to help out my own community in Lock,” Dusty said.

“For the project, I’ve been co-ordinating most of the wool drive and speaking to farmers in the area.”

Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee chairman Jamie Siviour said the committee thought the wool drive would be the “perfect challenge” for Dusty.

“Dusty has done an exceptional job so far in contacting all the farmers that have sheep, orgainising the wool pick up, designing the flyers and advertising the event.”

Mr Siviour said the committee started the wool drive in 2012 and was planning to continue its support of the RFDS.

“In some way, the RFDS has had an impact on either an individual directly or a member of their family or someone they know so helping to raise funds for the RFDS is something everyone is happy to contribute to,” he said.

“We have had a number of people who have donated money to our fundraiser because they do not have sheep and would still like to contribute.”

The community is also invited to the community pressing night – to get the wool ready for sale – and barbecue on July 1.

All proceeds from the sale will go to RFDS, with Quality Wool coming on board to sell the wool free of charge.

Anyone who would like to donate wool can contact Dusty on 0497 150 188 to arrange pick up.