Flashback Friday – June 2007

This week, the Eyre Peninsula Tribune travels back 11 years to June 2007 to reflect back on the events that were occurring during that time.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other events happening throughout June 2007:

June 1 – The Australian Government climate task force releases its report, recommending Australia implement an emissions trading scheme by 2012. Prime Minister John Howard declines to set a target for greenhouse gas reduction until after the 2007 election.

June 5 – NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft makes its second fly-by of Venus en route to Mercury.

June 25 – John Laws announces his retirement from radio after a career spanning 54 years.

June 28 – 2007 European heat wave: in the aftermath of Greece's worst heat wave in a century, at least 11 people are reported dead from heatstroke, approximately 200 wildfires break out nationwide, and the country's electricity grid nearly collapses due to record breaking demand.

June 29 – The iPhone, the first modern smartphone, is released in the United States. It was later released in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland and Austria in November 2007.