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LETTERS: Letters to the Editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Letters to the Editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Issue bigger than Kimba

Once again I would like to point out the approaching injustice that radioactive waste is causing in our community.

The Kimba District Council initiated the first vote in the radioactive waste process.

Eligibility has been set again for the second and final vote for the national radioactive waste site. It is to be only people on the Kimba council voting register. This includes Kimba residents and ratepayers who have homes or businesses up to 75 kilometres from the Napandee and 90km from Lyndhurst proposed radioactive waste sites.

The township of Kimba is 25km from Napandee, Cleve is about 70km, Lock, Warramboo and Kyancutta are about 60km and Wudinna 75km. The Koongawa sports ground and the township of Darke Peak are less than the 25km.  

The point is that there is a big section of farmland and rural dwellings in other council districts that are closer to a proposed dump site than many who will pass a final vote. There are also community members that are ineligible to vote who live closer to a dump site than Kimba.

People outside of the council boundary have as much to lose or gain as any from Kimba. Even the department recognises this.

The equal right to vote on this issue is clearly being controlled for political and for financial advantage.

Community members outside of the district can now only put a submission to the department, talk directly to the local project officer or attend public forums.

Compared to being included in the vote, it is a real fob off. Any educated person involved in the process so far knows that the decision rests on the vote. There is zero chance that this will be a fair result.

There is no transparency to the wider public and little credibility in the accuracy of the vote. The legislation for this national radioactive waste dump, clearly states broad based community support.

As the Kimba council has stated in the Eyre Peninsula Tribune, May 17, they, ‘Reserve the right not to hold the ballot, until more information is received about the financial and service benefits the facility would provide and how they would be administered‘ and ‘the Minister and department are now on notice’.

In fact many Kimba identities like the hospital, emergency services, and sporting bodies are intrinsically linked beyond the council boundary into clusters, groups and leagues. Ratepayers and residents are now on notice that there is a big problem in making such a decision in isolation from its neighbours, friends, colleagues and peers.

This radioactive waste decision is far bigger than Kimba.

Recently emergency service volunteers were called and responded to an incident in an area that could have easily been the radioactive waste site. Some of the volunteers that travelled from their homes and workplaces to help were a similar distance to those from Kimba and yet do not get a vote. The Kimba mayor has recently said now more than ever it is time for respect. Legislation and Law is for protection of people’s rights. Respect is recognising them. Let this vote have a broad base out to an equal distance of 75km from a waste dump site.



Biggest morning tea

What a wonderful result from the Cleve community to raise $977 from the Biggest Morning Tea. Thank you to club and community members for their assistance and food donations.

To Joan Post for the beautiful flower-cup decorations and Mark Kobelt for his demonstration of croquet, thank you. Thank you also to the Cleve Pharmacy and club members for donating raffle prizes and Gifted at Cleve for tea samples.

To all who attended the Biggest Morning Tea and donated so generously, thank you.


On behalf of the Cleve District Bowling Club