Promoting Cowell and surrounding areas

Franklin Starr District Council mayor Robert Starr.

Franklin Starr District Council mayor Robert Starr.

Franklin Harbour District Council is continuing to promote Cowell and its surrounding areas.

Last year a Historical Town Walk was created and to add to this project we are developing signs that will be placed in front of historical buildings in the Main Street to provide an informative historical walk for visitors.

The Main Street Wi-Fi project has been completed, tourists and the local community now have free access to the internet while in the Main Street; the name of the Wi-Fi is ‘Franklin Harbour Free WiFi’.

Security cameras have been placed along Main Street from the newsagency all the way down to the boat ramp to assist in crime prevention and in providing a safer environment for people to stay and enjoy.

Progress with the export facility continues to occur with an 87-metre trans-shipping vessel, with the capacity to carry 3500 tonnes of grain, recently being launched in China.  

It is now being fitted with a material handling system in Shanghai, prior to making its way to the Eyre Peninsula for the T-Ports project.

T-Ports chief executive officer Kieran Carvill said the vessel would be ready for the 2018 harvest and was capable of delivering 10,800 to 13,250 tonnes of grains per day to vessels waiting offshore.

T-Ports chairman Rob Chapman said work was set to start on the $115 million project with civil contractors being shortlisted for the two bunker sites and plans to award the bulk earthworks contracts were underway.

The project will create about 50 to 60 jobs during the construction phase.

Grain farmers are expecting to save between $5 and $20 per tonne on wheat and $25 to $40 tonne on importing super phosphate back to the port.

The council is conducting an Aged Care Survey, which is open until June 8 and is available on the council’s website or by contacting the council office on 8629 2019.

We encourage everyone from Cowell and surrounding towns to complete this survey to ensure the council can gauge aged care requirements for the future.

Finally, congratulations to Wayne and Jo Bullock who won a trip to England to watch the FA Cup final.


Franklin Starr District Council mayor