Major projects off district council agenda

There will be minimal council activity in the Franklin Harbour district in the 2018-19 financial year according to the Franklin Harbour District Council’s draft business plan and budget, which has been released for public consultation.

While there are no major projects in the budget, $400,000 will be spent on unsealed road construction and $31,000 is allocated for sealed road construction, as well as, $50,000 for footpaths and kerbing and $351,000 for vehicles.

However, Franklin Harbour District Council acting chief executive officer Bernadette Clelland said this could change with grant funding.

“It’s a very quiet budget this year,” Ms Clelland said.

“Unless we get grant funding, then it will be all guns blazing.

“We’re not even spending as much money on roads this year.”

Ratepayers are set to pay an average of 2 per cent more for their rates.

The council has put aside $50,000 in the draft budget for planning of the Cowell foreshore redevelopment project but the project itself will only go ahead if grant funding is obtained.

“It was a difficult budget to put together as we have expended all our Roads to Recovery funds,” Ms Clelland said.

The draft business plan and budget is available on the Franklin Harbour District Council’s website.

The council has set aside an hour for public comment on June 13 from 11am, however people who wish to comment on the budget and business plan need to provide their comment in writing to the council beforehand.

The June council meeting will be held at 1pm following the consultation.