Flashback Friday – May 1989

This week, the Eyre Peninsula Tribune travels all the way back to May 1989 for our Flashback Friday gallery.

Other news happening around the place during that time includes:

May 1 – Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World opens to the public for the first time.

May 6 – Yugoslavia wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne with the song "Rock me" performed by Riva.

May 9 – Andrew Peacock deposes John Howard as Federal Opposition Leader of Australia.

May 11 – The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Legislative Assembly meets for the first time.

May 15 – Australia's first private tertiary institution, Bond University, opens on the Gold Coast.

May 30 – Ananda Marga member Tim Anderson is arrested on charges related to the 1978 Hilton bombing.