Tech upgrade for Cowell’s Main Street

Visitors and residents in Cowell can now feel safer and more connected along Main Street following upgrades to the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and the installation of free Wi-Fi.

Franklin Harbour District Council tourism officer Stacey Franklin said the council had upgraded the cameras along the length of Main Street for the community’s peace of mind.

“A lot of businesses don’t have their own CCTV cameras,” Mrs Franklin said.

“And police originally would have to come to council for help with footage.

“So this is just to keep an eye out for the community.”

The council has also installed free community Wi-Fi to add to its tourism appeal, with the signal available for the full length of Main Street as well as the foreshore area.

“The free Wi-Fi is a great way to get people to hang around in Cowell,” Mrs Franklin said.

“You can’t download movies on it but it can be used to check your emails or check out what there is to do in Cowell.”

To access the free Wi-Fi, people need to connect to the ‘Franklin Harbour Free’ Wi-Fi and accept the terms and conditions. The user will then be taken to the Franklin Harbour District Council’s tourism web page.