Lock wins in a close game

Lock def Ramblers 51-48

AFTER coming off a win last week, the Lock girls were eager to take the court. 

Centre players Sophie Proctor of Lock and Sydney Claughton of Ramblers were evenly matched through the centre, both playing well. 

Defenders at both ends were putting the pressure on their goalies. 

Lock goalies Jordan Sladdin and Tanya Habner were combining well in the circle and shooting well, ending the quarter nine goals up Lock 13 to Ramblers’ 4.

The play was even during the second quarter as the centre court players attacked every ball. 

Both Lock defenders Jasmin Newton and Sarah Skinner picked up many loose balls and intercepted well. 

Lock wing defence Stacey Mellor and Ramblers wing attack Abbi Dahlitz played strong against each other. 

Brooke Pedler moved into centre, which lifted the team and Abby-Lee Burrows was moved into goal shooter, which saw goal attack Mikaela Richardson gain more confidence in the goal ring.

Lock continued to play the same positions, adjusting to Ramblers’ changes. 

Lock wing attack Melissa Morton was having a great game for her team, receiving many passes through the centre and leading the Lock side well. 

With the scores close coming back for the last quarter, all players went hard for the ball. 

Sladdin and Habner continued to work well together in the goal circle.

Habner created space allowing Sladdin to receive many passes and shooting well, often double defended.