Court contests tight

Eastern Eyre netball

B grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 38-26

BOTH teams were keen to take control of the game early, with tight contests all over the court creating pressure for both teams.

Kimba’s defenders were reading the play well in the ring which created more opportunities for goalies and Kimba finished quarter ahead 13 to 6.

Ranges defenders were applying great pressure but Kimba’s attack showed patience and adapted their play to extend their half time lead to 11.

Both teams made changes in the third quarter and Kimba took a while to settle, allowing Ranges more of the play but they were unable to capitalise and Kimba held a solid lead at three-quarter time.

Kimba defenders continued to take excellent two-handed intercepts but Ranges turned their sloppy passes into turnovers to peg back Kimba’s lead, outscoring them in the final quarter to close the gap to one.

C grade

Ports def Cowell 35-31

Cowell started strong with a few quick turnovers and picking up Ports’ loose balls but were soon turned over by Ports’ defenders Samara Turner and Isabella Davis giving Ports a five-goal lead at quarter time.

In the second quarter, Ports’ wing attack Stacey Lawrie was leading strong through the centre court topped with solid passes into the ring, as Cowell’s Bec Arnold and Lexi Williams shot well.

Cowell flowed well down the centre court in the third, with strong passes from Emma Chopin as their defenders Stacey Stening and Grace Chopin worked hard all game.

In the last quarter, Cowell came out firing with solid passing and accurate shots.

Ports’ Morrisa Mayo played a solid game with multiple intercepts, as Ports held the lead and won the game.

C2 grade

Kimba lost to Eastern Ranges 21-48

Kimba have a relatively new team this year with many playing their first season of netball.

This showed as they made small mistakes down the court that Ranges took full advantage of, converting from many turnovers.

This lead to Ranges sinking 15 goals to Kimba’s two in the first quarter.

Ranges’ effective shooting was not giving Kimba’s defence much to work with but when they did miss Kimba’s defence worked hard to get the ball back to their goalies.

Despite Kimba’s best efforts Ranges were too strong on the day winning 48 to 21.

D grade

Ports lost to Cowell 8-58

The game was quite even in the first 10 minutes before Cowell started to get ahead with consistent good shooting from Charlie Barrett and Courtney Grigg.

In the second quarter, both teams doubled their scores, as Cowell often managed to steal Ports’ centre pass, which helped quickly boost their score.

The third quarter was faster than the first half but Cowell kept the ball away from the Ports’ goal circle, which helped keep the Ports’ score low.

Cowell continued to shoot well, despite good defence in the goal circle.

Both teams scored their best in the last quarter, with Cowell scoring 18 to Ports’ 3.

Again consistent Cowell defence and shooters helped them win the game.

Kimba lost to Eastern Ranges 13-85

The twilight match against Ranges was always going to be a tough one.

The first half saw Ranges come out very strong with an experienced combination. 

Kimba continued to apply pressure but the Ranges goalies were very accurate. 

Kimba made some changes in the second half and managed to find the ring a bit easier. 

Ranges continued to dominate and ended the game convincing winners 85 to 13.

E grade 

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 24-17

Both teams got off to a strong start with defensive pressure applied well at both ends.

Ranges goalies were shooting well, leaving it hard for Kimba to turn the ball over in the first quarter and giving them the edge of three goals at the quarter time break. 

Kimba came back in the second quarter with no changes, however the momentum moved in their direction.

Kimba defenders were creating turnovers down the court but were having trouble converting to goals in the attacking end. 

The second half was quite even with Kimba just getting the edge and running out the game. Kimba ended up getting the win by seven goals. 

Ports lost to Cowell 19-53

Cowell started strong as Ports were a bit sluggish and made errors but did not stop fighting with their first goal going to Elke Bammann.

Cowell were very consistent with shots at goal by Sharnee Flavel.

Ports had the first centre pass and goal in the second quarter but their passes let them down.

Cowell slowed down in pace and goals, as Ports fought back with excellent defence from Taylor Bennett who was always fighting.

Both teams moved well into space in the third quarter.

Cowell was getting the ball in the goal circle with minimal effort and Ports’ stepping let them down.

Kori Webb was picking up the loose balls.

In the last quarter, Ports’ Lauren Millard opened up the attacking in wing attack but Cowell were too strong for Ports, winning convincingly.

E2 grade

Kimba lost to Eastern Ranges 20-32

Ranges settled quickly over a nervous and unsettled Kimba side and defensive pressure allowed for forced errors allowing for easy scoring opportunities.

The Tigers eventually found their feet in the last half of the first quarter and continued to fight hard for every scoring opportunity.

Kimba made some changes to their defensive end and applied whole-court pressure, which worked well and kept Ranges to a three-goal quarter.

Kimba came out strong in the third quarter increasing their defensive pressure down the court allowing their goalies to convert these turnovers into scoring opportunities.

Unfortunately unforced errors on Kimba’s behalf also provided Ranges with scoring opportunities, which they utilised well.

While Kimba continued to be competitive, Ranges came out winners by 12 goals.

Ports def Cowell 12-4

Both teams had young line-ups for this match, Ports with all first year E2s and Cowell with some F graders.

Ports made the most of their leading forward and capitalised with great shooting.

A few positional changes in the second quarter by Cowell made Ports work harder for the ball.

Both teams continued to work hard with both teams taking intercepts and putting pressure on the attackers.

Ports maintained their lead and came away with their first win.