Flashback Friday – May 1999

This week the Eyre Peninsula Tribune travels back in time to May 1999 as the world prepares for the end of a century and getting ready to dance like it’s 1999. 

Other news happening in May 1999 includes:

3 May – 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak: a devastating tornado, rated F5 on the Fujita scale, hit southern and eastern Oklahoma City metropolitan area, killing 36 people (and 5 indirectly). It also produces the highest winds recorded on Earth: 301 ± 20 mph (484 ± 32 km/h).

21 May – Eight decaying bodies are found in barrels in a disused bank vault north of Adelaide, marking the beginning of the Snowtown murders case, which were Australia's worst ever serial killings. More bodies were found underneath a house in Adelaide on 26 May.