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LETTERS: Letters to the Editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au
LETTERS: Letters to the Editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Addressing the accusations

We are well aware of accusations circling our community that the No Radioactive Waste Group is encouraging the boycott of local businesses.

Firstly we wish to clarify the make up of our ‘group’ the No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba or SA Committee consists of seven people, we represent more than 200 financial members and endeavour to be the voice for the broader community opposing the siting of the National Radioactive Waste Facility in Kimba.

Contrary to the current accusation, we have at no stage constructed a plan to abandon local businesses.

These rumours are a blatant lie.

We are well aware that, in fact, the majority of our local members spend vast amounts of money in the Kimba community, however every individual and family is entitled to spend their money when and where they see fit without judgement.

These accusations are another example of the division this process has caused within our community.

Over the past three years we have been labelled “uneducated”, “scare mongers”, “bullies” and now we are “boycotters”.

The reality is we have been forced into a process we did not seek to be part of and we simply oppose the siting of the nation’s radioactive waste facility on farming land within the Kimba district.


On behalf of No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba or SA

Community benefit fund coercion

The front page of the Eyre Peninsula Tribune, April 19, (Ballot set for August) screamed of the old-fashioned Mafia tactics of ‘We’ll do this for you if you do this for us’. 

There has to be a rule or law against a council accepting what amounts to a bribe to allow the federal government to set up a nuclear facility on the Eyre Peninsula. 

First of all, the whole of Eyre Peninsula should be involved in making the decision not just the Kimba council area.

Second, there should not be a ‘bribe’ or any coercion involved.

Why should taxpayer money be squandered for the government to ‘get its way’?

There are many more issues concerning this facility that are so wrong it would take a book to spell them out.



EEFL association teams

The under 15 and under 17 squads for the association match against Great Flinders at Tumby Bay on May 19 are as follows:

Under 15 squad: Bailey Francis, Max Ramsey, Delaney Williams, Mitchell Yates, Hudson Westhoff Kyal Chambers, Xy Whitehouse, Sean Norsworthy, Tyson Sherrin, Nash McFarlane, Locky Turner, Tyler Gregory, Taye Chase Geordi Carrick, Lenny Mcdonough Seth Hutchins, Tom Laas, Brock Lawrie Declan Smith, Josh Yeates, Oscar Ranford, Riley Evans, Regan Taheny, Tim Hannemann, Jack Grosser, Jaylynn McCallum, Angus Turner, Tedd Weiss, Curtis Newlyn, Jed Burton, Oakley Price.

Under 17 squad: Thomas Klingberg, Nick Francis, Dustin Osborne, Declan Zibell, Kyle Leiblich, Conner Tree, Jack Chinnery, Max Glare, Dylan Kent, Dale Franklin, Thomas Beinke, Ryan Beinke, Jaxon Webb, Bella Smith, Jake Bammann, Hayden Bennett, Connor Marshall, Jake Turner, Cooper Llewelyn, Ben Turner, Kade Duncan, Riley Haines, Dustin Harris, Kyron McCallum, Rhett Schumann, Hank Burton, Nathan Peters, Campbell Fennel, Jez Schubert.

Training will be held Sunday, May 6 at the Cleve Town Oval at 10.30am.

If anyone is unavailable please contact Brad Woodford 0428766665 or John Solly 0427718223.



Excellent start to the 2018 season

On behalf of the Eastern Eyre Football League, I would like to acknowledge the huge amount of volunteer work that goes into the running of our four football and netball clubs.

Also, I would like to congratulate our Eyre Peninsula Tribune workers on their big effort in compiling the start of season lift out and the promotion of our two Anzac round days in both print and social media.

It was an excellent start to our 2018 season.

I urge all of the Eastern Eyre community to get behind our local paper.

Keep up the great work girls.


Eastern Eyre Football League President

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Cancer Council of Australia's fundraiser is on again.

Margaret Winen from Cowell is again hosting this annual event at 4 Lincoln Highway on Thursday, May 24 2018 commencing at 10am.

Everybody welcome.

Phone 0427292153 for takeaway orders.



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