Cleve Probus hears from Pastor Smith

The newly elected president of Cleve Probus Club, David Reed welcomed members to the April meeting.

He produced his L-plate along with his former teacher manner, threatening to expel all those who did not comply, after which he got down to the serious business of conducting the meeting. 

Pastor Brenton Smith, Cleve’s Uniting Church minister and his wife Christine were guests at the April meeting.

The pastor spoke of his ‘calling’ and how he came to be in Cleve. 

When offered Cleve as his first appointment, like a lot of people, he asked “where is Cleve?” – he had been through Cowell to Port Lincoln but had never heard of Cleve.

Since arriving in October 2017, Mr Smith said he had “grown to love Cleve; the town, it’s people and the hospitality”.

He worked as a boiler maker, for Telstra for eight years and in private industries (designing and drafting) during which time a workplace accident caused injuries to his ribs.

He completed a three-year degree in theology in the Baptist Church.

Mrs Smith said she met and married Brenton after her husband died suddenly form a heart attack.

She was born and bred in the East End of London, working in the Ministry of Defence before arriving in Australia 26 years ago. 

They both have a love of motorbike riding and were members of the Christian Motorcycle Club, Mrs Smith described a motorbike as an “armchair on wheels”. 

They have a family of seven between them.

A bus trip to Whyalla returning through Kimba, during the April school holidays is planned.

Pictured are Brenton Smith and David Reed.