Looking forward to the next four years

As the dust settles from the 2018 state election, the Marshall government has hit the ground running.

Under Premier Steven Marshall, South Australia has its first Liberal government for 16 years.

In fact, it was 1993 that the state Liberals last won government from the Labor Party – 25 years ago.

The final result has the Liberal Party with a majority government, winning 25 seats out of a total of 47 in the House of Assembly or lower house.

The Labor opposition has 19 seats, with three independents.

The Legislative Council, or upper house, finished with nine Liberals, eight Labor and five minor party members.

This means it will require significant negotiation in the upper house for the new government to progress our reformist legislative agenda.

New ministers are settling in to their responsibilities, and a total of 11 members elected for the first time are familiarising themselves with their new roles.

Steven Marshall is Premier, Vickie Chapman is Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Rob Lucas is leader in the Legislative Council and state Treasurer.

I was very pleased and honoured to have been re-elected as the Member for Flinders, and after two terms in opposition, particularly pleased to be finally in government.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the electors of Flinders for your continuing support.

When parliament resumes in the first week of May, I will be appointed to the positions of deputy speaker and chair of committees.

I’ll be required to spend time deputising as speaker, while the chair of committees has the responsibility of guiding legislation through the committee stage of the debate.

After years of a city-centric government that thought South Australia finished at Gepps Cross, our commitment is to re-focus on country and regional South Australia.

Even more importantly, the people of Eyre Peninsula now have a direct line to the state government through their elected representative.

I am certainly looking forward to the challenges to come in the next four years and delivering for Eyre Peninsula under a Liberal government.

Peter Treloar

Re-elected Member for Flinders