State election 2018: What to do and where to go | MAP

We are getting closer to the finish line of the 2018 South Australian state election, with polling day on Saturday, March 17, so it’s important to remember where, when and how to vote.

Many of you have voted in plenty of elections but for some it may be your first time.

Here is all you need to know about voting for this election.

Where do I go to vote?

There will around 700 polling booths open on March 17, so it will be easy to find one close to you.

Below is a map of all of the polling booths on the Eyre Peninsula, but on Eastern Eyre, polling booths will be located in Cowell, Kimba, Cleve, Arno Bay, Darke Peak, Lock and Port Neill.

All polling booths will be open from 8am until 6pm, so there will be time before and after cricket and bowls finish.

For those who are unable to attend a polling booth, there are a number of options available, with more information available on the Electoral Commission of SA website.

For state elections, you can vote at any polling place in South Australia, even if it is outside your electoral district. 

However, if you are outside your district, you need to cast a declaration vote (absentee vote). 

Inform the electoral officer that you are from another district and they will direct you to the declaration voting table.

What do I do when I get to the booth?

When you first arrive at the polling booths, you’ll need to mark off your name and gather your ballot papers before heading to a private voting screen.

You will receive two ballot papers, a green one for the House of Assembly and a white one for the Legislative Council.

On the green House of Assembly ballot paper, you will need to number every square, with the number one (1) being your first preference and so on.

The white Legislative Council ballot paper has two different ways to voting, above the line or below it.

If you choose to vote above the line, you only have to put the number one (1) in the square relating to your preferred political party or group of candidates.

If you want to, you can write the number two (2) next to your second choice, and so on for as many parties or groups of candidates as you like.

You do not need to number every square.

If you choose to vote below the line, you have to number at least 12 candidates in order of your preference, with the number one (1) being your first preference and so on.

You can choose to continue numbering candidates but 12 is the minimum number below the line.

Pre-poll voting

If you are unable to attend a polling booth on polling day between 8am and 6pm you may be entitled to vote early at a pre-poll voting centre.

Pre-poll voting centres will be open from Monday, March 5 until Friday, March 16, 9am to 5pm weekdays (not the March 12 public holiday).  

Pre-poll voting centres are available at the Port Lincoln and Whyalla Norrie TAFE Campuses.

However, to vote early you must have a valid reason, such as:

  • are more than 8 km from a polling booth
  • are travelling 
  • are ill, infirm or disabled – preventing you from attending a polling booth
  • are caring for someone who is ill, infirm or disabled - preventing you from attending a polling booth
  • are due to give birth shortly
  • have religious beliefs preventing you from attending a polling booth
  • are working and unable to leave your workplace to vote
  • are a resident of a declared institution
  • have your address suppressed on the electoral roll (a silent elector)