Tourism means more money in our district

Cleve District Council mayor Roger Nield

Cleve District Council mayor Roger Nield

Every dollar that comes into your district through tourists and visitors gets spent on average seven times in your community.

That is reason enough to facilitate and encourage tourists to our area, it is new money for little outlay.

We can all be participants in making visitors and strangers feel welcome in our community.

A friendly hello goes a long way – be an ambassador for your community.

Remember the times when you have travelled or been a tourist yourself and people have been welcoming and friendly.

It makes a big difference to your impression of that place in a positive way.

Knowing all the places of interest in your district that are easy to find and visit and the scenic drives that can be taken can be of help to strangers.

Or direct them to the council office or newspaper shop, where directions for places of interest can be obtained.

There are plaques around the town with information for visitors.

The lookout or better known as Ticklebelly Hill with a commanding view of our district, the Darke Peak ranges and township to the west, Mangalo to the north, Eastern ranges to the east, and Arno Bay and town to the south – all of these offer a unique experience being able to view so much of a district from one advantage point.

We are privileged to live in a district with such a great diversity of scenery and land classes that we often take for granted but some are unique to our area.

Our beaches are pristine and uncluttered and easily accessible.

It is only a short 20-minute drive to the town and beach at Arno Bay, one of our closer beaches, complete with jetty, shade, shacks and shops.

A long sandy beach, great for picnics, walks and swimming or just relaxing and watch the family enjoying themselves, while enjoying the refreshing sea air.

If you would like to know more about tourism in the district, the tourist information centres are located at the Cleve District Council, Cleve Newsagency and Arno Bay Jetty Cafe.

Otherwise, you can visit the council’s website and go through to the tourism section, which has plenty of information about what to do and what to see.

Roger Nield

Cleve District Council mayor