Elvis night leaves Cowell ‘all shook up’

Cowell welcomed ‘The King’ to town on Saturday and to quote an Elvis song, "oh what a night it was, it really was such a night."

With a gold Cadillac parked at the front of the institute, the scene was set for a great night.

Many Elvis clones entered the building, along with their swing-skirted partners.  

With more than 100 people dressed to suit the era, a rock ‘n’ rolling night got underway. 

The Cowell singers started the music rolling with their renditions of Elvis songs and the dancing started.

Peter Bleez from the Elvis Museum in Whyalla shared and spoke about some of his memorabilia he had on display and shared many facts about Elvis, a lot of which were unknown.

A trivia quiz about Elvis and his life had the audience casting back into their memories banks.  

The live entertainment was provided by two Elvises from Whyalla.

Stewart Payne and Chris Scanlon's first set got everyone on their feet dancing and singing their way through the songs.

The second set comprised some of Elvis’s gentler songs then it was back to the rock.

They received enthusiastic applause from the audience.   

Jasmine Piggot danced to Steamroller Blues, in a steamy version making up to an imaginary Elvis.

While the words of some songs were provided to the audience, it was obvious most people knew the words off by heart.

Elvis always finished his concerts with American Trilogy and when this was played at the end of the night everyone stood and sang along.

Local Cowell identity John Kirby and Reta Coffey of Edilillie won prizes for the best dressed.

Barb Shearer, who organised the concert, thanked everyone and said more than $1700 was raised for the Cowell netball club. 

It was indicative of the night that when all the formalities and entertainment was finished the crowd stayed and danced and sang along to recorded Elvis songs.

It was clear the night left everyone ‘All shook up’.