Flashback Friday – 1999

Here’s a list of the big events that happened in Australia in 2009:

16 January – Trooper Mark Donaldson is awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia for actions in Oruzgan province during Operation Slipper, the Australian contribution to the War in Afghanistan.

28 to 31 January – Southeastern Australia swelters in a 1 in 100 year heatwave.

7 February – Bushfires in Victoria kill 173 people in what are not only the nation's worst ever bushfires, surpassing the record set by Ash Wednesday in 1983. Also the nation's worst peacetime disaster since Cyclone Mahina in 1899.

22 February – Australia observes a National Day of Mourning in remembrance of the 209 (later revised downwards to 173) people who perished in the Victorian bushfires.

21 March – Anna Bligh claims victory in the Queensland state election and becomes the country's first elected female Premier.

7 April – The Australian government announces that it has terminated the request for proposal for the National Broadband Network, and that the network will be built as a public private partnership.[22]

11 May – The Australian Broadcasting Corporation television program Four Corners presents a report titled "Code of Silence" about alleged sexual misconduct by rugby league players, leading to a public debate on professional sportsman and group sex.

19 June – Australia's first swine flu-related fatality occurs when a 26-year-old West Australian man dies in Adelaide.

15 October – A six-month-old baby survives when his pram rolls off the platform at Ashburton railway station, Melbourne and is struck by the approaching train.

16 November – Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull apologise on behalf of Australia to the "Forgotten Australians": people who suffered neglect and abuse as children in state care, in particular, thousands of Home Children – British child migrants forcibly emigrated to Australia until the 1960s.