Paramedic career

Kimba’s Allanah Johnson has started a new career as a paramedic in Geelong following her graduation from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst.

Miss Johnson graduated from her Bachelor in Clinical Practice on December 15 last year, following three years of studying.

Originally, Miss Johnson went to university wanting to be a vet but moved into human health as she found it more rewarding and challenging.

Miss Johnson’s father, Dean, volunteered for SA Ambulance in Kimba when Allanah still lived at home, which is how she got exposed to working on ambulances.

Mr Johnson said Allanah “enjoys helping people” and was still on the ambulance volunteer roster when she came home to visit.

Miss Johnson planned on going to London to work as a paramedic following the completion of her degree but once she received the offer in Geelong, she decided to stay closer to home.

Miss Johnson’s parents and sisters travelled to Bathurst from Kimba for the graduation ceremony.