Letters to the editor

LETTERS: Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Proud of our council

In relation to a letter published last week, I am obliged to correct several inaccurate statements about my actions and responsibilities as mayor, relating to the consultation process for a nuclear waste facility.

I did not attend the meeting hosted by members of the community who are supportive of seeing this facility proceed. I was interstate at the time.

The decisions on the BMX track and reported sketch plans for the main street far preceded my time as mayor, be assured I had no substantive role in these decisions.

The position of Kimba District Council in relation to this process is that we supported further information being sought and argued strongly for a full, robust, independent Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) vote for our community.

Council has no formal resolutions at this time relating to the boundary for any further AEC community vote.

My personal view remains that the District Council of Kimba electoral boundaries are a fair and just inclusion of our community.

This view was supported early in the process, as an appropriate definition of 'our community'.

I support using our council boundaries for any vote on any comparable issue.

To adjust boundaries in the middle of a process diminishes the integrity of that process.

I also believe it would raise a troubling precedent for any further decision making in our region, on any other issue were we to change this now.

Ultimately, responsibility on this matter and the process remains with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, not Kimba District Council. I encourage you to relay your views through their office.

We cannot all agree, all of the time, on complex issues. But we can agree that it is best for Kimba when we are respectful and understanding of each other's opinions.

We should also question and test what we are told. I encourage everyone to continue doing that.

I am proud of my fellow elected members, management and every employee in our team, as well as the many volunteers from our amazing community.

Our town looks beautiful and is full of loving, strong individuals with diverse views.  

We have several awards to remind us of our hard work and success as a community, and visitors continue to remind us of just how special our town and region is.

I continue to welcome constructive suggestions on how we can improve even further.


Kimba District Council mayor

Regions unrepresented

Recently the Adelaide Advertiser published a list of 100 South Australians who in their view are the most significant and influential people in our state.

I am sure those who compiled the list within the Adelaide Advertiser thought carefully about who was on this list.

Having reviewed this list and having had it vetted by others, I struggle to find anyone on this list who lives and works in regional South Australia.

I understand that 22 per cent of the population of South Australia lives in rural South Australia.

I would point out the people from rural South Australia feed the population of Adelaide, help clothe the population of Adelaide, produce a significant amount of the raw materials that builds Adelaide and produce a significant amount of the energy that powers Adelaide.

In short, it is the regions of South Australia that sustain Adelaide.

Despite this, it would appear that very few people who live and work in rural South Australia can make the list of a hundred significant and influential people as compiled by Adelaide.


Mount Gambier