New Lucky Bay ferry to be hybrid

SUSPENDED: The ferry 'Sea Star' has been sold.

SUSPENDED: The ferry 'Sea Star' has been sold.

The last Sea SA ferry used for its Spencer Gulf ferry service before the service was suspended in August 2017 has been sold to a new owner in South East Asia and a new ferry has been designed to replace it.

Sea SA announced in August the service would be suspended until at least September due to construction of import/export facilities at Lucky Bay.

Sea SA director Stuart Ballantyne said since the announcement a new electric hybrid ferry had been designed for the Spencer Gulf service.

He said the advancement of propulsion technology prompted the decision to build a new ferry for the route.

“It is best to stay ahead of the curve,” he said.

Mr Ballantyne said Sea SA was still waiting for approval of the Lucky Bay development, which was expected within a week.

He said there had also been discussions with grain companies and Cleanseas about transport of goods including containers of grain.