What are the big issues for Flinders voters?

While the state election is yet to be officially called, the date is already set and the campaign is certainly underway – unofficially at least – with recent regional visits signalling a serious push for voter support by all the major players.

So far there are only two candidates who have put their hands up to run for the seat of Flinders, which covers most of Eyre Peninsula – incumbent member Peter Treloar, representing the Liberal Party, and Labor candidate Julie Watson.

However it seems unlikely it will remain a two-horse race with the SA Greens at least definitely planning to run a candidate.

The Australian Conservatives and SA Best have not ruled it out either.

Flinders has long been a safe Liberal seat but then so had the federal seat of Grey up until the last election.

Despite this, the Nick Xenophon phenomenon is probably unlikely to be repeated at a state level –even if his SA Best party decides to run a candidate in Flinders.

Flinders covers a different demographic to Grey and there were some significant federal issues causing angst for some of the electorate’s major centres at the time.

But in politics, these days especially, it always pays to prepare for the unexpected and at a state level the Liberal and Labor parties both seem to be looking over their collective shoulder at SA Best.

Although it can still be challenging getting access to some politicians and then getting straight answers from them when we do, the media often has easier access to politicians and political candidates than the general population.

We recognise this and as a result, strive to be a voice for the community.

In the lead up to the election, the Eyre Peninsula Tribune encourages community members to get in contact via Facebook, phone 0476 802 002 or email kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au to let us know what issues are important to the people of Flinders and what questions we should be asking the candidates.

Mr Treloar and Ms Watson have already identified, health, energy security, investment and employment are all big issues for Eyre Peninsula communities, but are there other things that should be on the state government’s radar?

Let us know so we can ask the right questions and get the information the community wants.