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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Importance of leadership

Re: ‘Nuclear Impact wider than Kimba’ from Terry Schmucker

Good on you Terry for writing such a good letter but can I just add, we’ve all read most facts and fiction since all this nuclear controversy started.

Can I point out that (Resources Minister Matt) Canavan attended meetings with both the ‘for’ and the ‘opposed’ groups.

Why did the local mayor, Dean Johnson, attend the ‘for’ and not attend our ‘opposed’ meeting?

By council rules, a mayor should not take sides to this – read ‘Role of Mayor’ from goodgovernance.org.au.

One section reads, “The mayor is also an important community leader and is often the spokesperson...when the community is put under stress (such as disaster management and socio-economic issues).” 

This does not mean that he should take sides to this such delicate matter.

Can he note what has happened in this once lovely community?

Yes, I have felt the stress issues arising. This is why I have ‘split’ myself and have somewhat resided in another town.

I will always stand by my opposed friends and still fight for no nuclear dump on farming land.

As for the votes held last year, many farmers just outside the Kimba zone had not received a voting slip, yet supported Kimba businesses, their children attended the local school and local sports.

They too should have had the right to vote. This issue is an SA issue, not just Kimba.

Ok, you may say this money will benefit the community.

It seems as though some has already been spent by employing a so called ‘local’ person of contact in this town at a mere $80,000 a year (correct me if I’m wrong) just to see, hear, listen and send people off to Sydney to view the wonderful Lucas Heights with all expenses paid and come back and change one’s mind on how ‘safe’ the nuclear dump will be.

On another note, one of the mayor’s columns in the Tribune on how the $2 million would be spent mentions a future skate park. Then tell me why council demolished the BMX track due to safety issues?

Have you any idea how the local kids reacted when they saw their once track gone?

Then, beautifying the main street – three locals including myself, drew a sketch plan, including shady trees and a one-way street, this too was dumped as it didn’t work after a month’s trial and now you speak of ‘beautifying Kimba’.

You will not beautify the town by refurbishing, you need to refurbish by demolishing your future nuclear dump.



Why only Grey?

If the proposed nuclear waste dump for the Kimba district is never going to leak radiation, is going to create so many jobs, is going to drought proof the district, is going to be of so much financial benefit and the successful land owner will receive four times the value of the land, why is the electorate of Grey the only electorate in Australia that has properties to be nominated for the site and proceeded to stage two of the consulting process?



Premier’s road trip

Jay has become a road. Trouble is he’s singing the same old tune!



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