Mixed netball success at Lock

A mixed netball competition has started in Lock on Friday nights.

Lock Netball Club president Jodie Thompson said she was pleased with the number of people who had joined up.

In week one, Mil’s team forfeited to JT Allstars while Vertically Unchallenged defeated Sal’s Saucey’s.

It was a great match to watch with some high takes by Fergus Slape and Sam Britza.

In week two, Mil's Team defeated Vertically Unchallenged in a competitive game.

Sarah Skinner worked well in defence, while Damian Kelly played well all over the court.

Matthew Mellor and Colby Skinner worked well together.

Sal's Saucy's defeated JT Allstars in the second game, which was fast with a lot of great moves by Dusty Wheare and Fletcher Kammermann.

Fergus Slape had a great game in goals and it was a great match-up between Laura and Kirrily Zacher.