Lincoln and Port Neill/Tumby teams take tournament wins

A Port Lincoln team and a combined Port Neill and Tumby Bay team won the Port Neill Bowling Club’s annual January tournaments.

The two-day event was sponsored by the Tumby Bay District Community Bank, Elders Insurance Cleve and Quinn Transport Cleve. 

The men’s fours comprised 12 teams with players coming from Port Lincoln, Tumby Bay, Port Neill, Arno Bay, Cleve, three teams from Kimba and Brighton.

Brighton has sent a team every year since 2007 and is a welcome addition to the tournament. 

The winners with four wins and 106 points were Port Lincoln team Gerardo Perone, Joe Perone, Don Saunders and Steve Cox. 

Runners-up with four wins 104 points were Bob Lawrie, Bob Willis, Bill Richardson and Ken Dunn from Tumby Bay. 

In third place with three wins was a Kimba team comprising Tine Clements, Peter McGilvray, David Hannan and Des Bourke. 

The mixed fours medley tournament hosted a full rink of 16 teams, with players coming from Port Lincoln, Tumby Bay, Port Neill, Arno Bay, Cleve, Cowell, Lock, four teams from Kimba, and Brighton and Henley bowling clubs in Adelaide. 

It was a pleasure to see the green full of players and it was a fine effort for the club to attract such an interest of entires.

Winners were the only four game winners, a composite team from Port Neill Jackie Field and Kym Shepherd and Tumby Bay Keryn and Stephen Hibbit.  

Runners-up, with three wins and a draw with 96 points, were George Crabb, Kay Michalaney and Des and Denise Rehn from Cowell.

In third place with three wins and 88 points were Port Lincoln’s Gerardo and Josie Perone, Joe Perone and Violet Lennell.