Wheare, Noble Cleve singles champions

Cleve women bowlers played their club championship singles recently with eight members participating.

Plate winner was Aileen Elleway who played against her sister, Ruth Spriggs.

Spriggs was going along quite well until Elleway kept her scoreless for eight ends, taking the score to 17-19 Elleway’s way.

The girls were 19-all with only two shots needed for one of them to win.

Elleway managed to get there in what was a good game from them both.

The ladies club championship singles playoff was between Pauline Wheare and Lorraine Deakin.

Both were neck to neck at 10-all.

Wheare took the lead with 16 shots to Deakin’s 15, then she started to pull away, with the final score Wheare 25 shots to Deakin 18.

Again it was another good game to watch.

For the men’s championship singles, there was a roll up of 15 players. 

Play was cancelled on the scheduled day and rescheduled for a day when the weather was a bit kinder.

In the lead up to the plate, Rex Crosby defeated Doug Burton and Warren Elson defeated Ron Weiss.

Elson was leading Crosby 12-8 but Crosby kept Elson scoreless for eight ends to be 18-12 up and ended up winning 21-13.

Dene Noble and Mark Kobelt played off the in men’s championship.

For a while it looked like Kobelt had the upper hand but Noble hung in there to be 19-20 down and was able to keep going to be 21 shots to Kobelt’s 22 shots.

As most bowlers know sometimes getting those last couple of shots is not easy.

Noble managed to get the last four shots to win but not without Kobelt trying his hardest to dislodge his bowls.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up with very good play from all.