Letters to the Editor

Great EP sportsmanship

Last week I had the pleasure of officiating as an umpire in the 2017/18 under 14 SACA Country Cup played in and around the Barossa Valley. 

I umpired in two matches that the Eyre Peninsula team played, including the final, where they defeated the Barossa and Light. 

I wish to congratulate the team, led by a very impressive captain, Jaiden Jude on their well-deserved victory. 

They were all very fine young sportsmen and represented their zone in a very sportsmanlike manner and everyone should be very proud of their performance. 

Well played team and management.


Gawler East 

Accept decisions, move on

It was disappointing and disturbing to read of the depth of division and acrimony within the once thriving and highly supportive community of Kimba over the proposal investigating the establishment of a nuclear waste storage facility within their council boundary.

In past years, any decision made in relation to a contentious issue would have inevitably caused some  dissent amongst those who were in the minority, where they felt a sense of entitlement or belief that their viewpoint was correct and should be observed, but they accepted “the umpire’s decision” and got on with life.

Unfortunately in today's fractious social environment, many vocal individuals vehemently express their opposition to decisions made which have been supported by the majority, to the point where they lose sight of calm and rational thinking and resort to hysterical and highly emotive measures to pursue their personal viewpoint.

Whilst it is commendable individuals within Kimba hold their passionate beliefs, there is genuine concern that development and progress in Kimba, and right across regional South Australia and Australia, is being hindered by such “what if” sentiments.

Today we are able to make informed decisions with ample evidence and supportive detail, allowing us to be more certain of our choice. 

The environmental controls and regulations applied to all proposals today are stringent and are met with heavy penalties if they are not adhered to.

Rural areas, such as Kimba, are in economic and social decline as a result of changing circumstances and are in desperate need of new industries, investment and projects to halt this reduction in facilities, services and population.

When the final decision is made I would urge the Kimba community to accept and support the decision, whichever way it goes, move forward without acrimony and dissent and return to being the friendly, supportive and resilient community you have been well known for.



Appeal success

The Salvation Army has been overwhelmed with the incredible outpouring of support and generosity from the Australian public with our Christmas Appeal raising $15 million to help those in need. We have been heartened to see our community unite and give hope where it’s needed most.  

For many people in Australia and around the world, 2017 was a year filled with adversity and challenges. Sadly, The Salvation Army continues to see an increase in people facing hardship, distress and crisis.

With all of life’s injustices, it can sometimes be hard to hold onto hope.

As we enter the New Year let us prioritise empathy, respect and compassion for one another, never underestimating the power these qualities can bring to those in need.

Let us renew our commitment to persevere and help those who are suffering, empowering them with love and hope.


Salvation Army communications and fundraising director