Helping is part of Lock life

THIS year’s Elliston District Council Australia Day awards will shine a light on the dedication and passion of Lock residents. 

The Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Community Event of the Year have all been won by Lock community members. 

Citizen of the Year Jamie Siviour said although it sounded like a cliche, he was humbled to receive the recognition. 

“Each year when people receive these awards they say they’re humbled and I keep trying to think of another way to describe but I keep coming back to that word,” he said. 

Mr Siviour has been a part of the Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee since 2000 and has been chairman since 2001. 

He said the advisory committee was a “really good” committee and passionate about health services in the community.

He has also been involved with the Lock Lutheran Church, various sporting clubs and the Country Fire Service.

“My wife, Anne, and I believe and taught out children that there is no point standing back and complaining about something – if there is something not right you have got to try and do something about it,” he said. 

“That is part of being in a community, everyone does their part.”

Mr Siviour said his role as health centre advisory committee chairman for the last 17 years was one of the main reasons for his nomination.

He said as services were centralised it was the role of the committee to make sure the community maintained access to health services. 

Mr Siviour said reducing the patient journey was critical for small communities.

“A community needs to be at all levels, the kids, the middle aged and the elderly, that is how younger generations learn,” he said.

“I always said I would step down from the role when I lost my passion and I haven’t lost it yet.”

The Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee’s combined health night is the recipient of the Community Event of the Year award.

I love doing these things, Lock is a small community so everyone needs to come together, I do it because I love it.

Young Citizen of the Year Hannah Zerk

Mr Siviour the combined health night was held every two years, with separate men’s and women’s health nights held on the alternate years. 

“The combined health night costs about $4000 but we make sure it’s free so everyone has an opportunity to attend,” he said.

“We started with about 40 or 50 people coming along and now we book out as soon as the notice goes out.”

He said about 100 people attended last year’s event which was great attendance in a community of about 300 people. 

“That is really heartening and makes it a great community event.”

“We realise Country Health SA can’t do everything so we’re all just trying to fill the gaps.”

Young Citizen of the Year, Hannah Zerk was nominated for her work for both the school and the Lock community. 

Miss Zerk, who is in year 10 at Lock Area School, said at school she volunteered to teach guitar, she was a student leader and also house captain on sports day.

She said she also volunteered with her netball club as an umpire.

Miss Zerk said she found out last year that she had been nominated for the award and was “stoked” to find out she was the recipient of the award. 

“At first it was a bit of a shock, mum thought it was a joke and so did I,” she said. 

“I love doing these things, Lock is a small community so everyone needs to come together, I do it because I love it.”