Cowell Christmas Pageant 2017 | PHOTOS

The annual Cowell Christmas Christmas Pageant facilitated by the Lions Club of Cowell was held on Friday, December 22.

The weather was near perfect and in excess of 50 individual entries of floats, gophers, decorated children's bikes, quad bikes, walking groups made for a very impressive parade.

The winning entries were:

  • Floats: Ade Franklin (first), Cowell Choir (second), Cowell Seafood Producers (third)
  • Gophers: Phil Fletcher (first), Lionel Deer (second), Enid Rehn (third)
  • Motor bikes: Mackenzie Klingberg (first), Riley Barrett (second), Wade Smith (third)
  • Children’s bikes: Levi Smith, Tyler Gregory, Caleb Churchett, Taj Crettenden, Lauren Beinke, Daryl Cedric.

The pageant prizes, along with the drinks, stockings and sweets Santa Claus distributed to the children in the Cowell Institute after the parade, were made possible with the proceeds of the raffle.

The Lions Club appreciated the donations of goods from Cowell and Cleve businesses as well as monetary donations from the Button Club and Op Shop 

Winners of Cowell Lions Christmas Pageant raffle were Tanya Berry (first), Annette Brine (second) and David Purdy (third).

Once again this year there were many excellent Christmas light displays. 

The judges narrowly awarded the first prize to the James family on Second Street and awarded eight equal second places and eight equal third prizes as it was very difficult to separate them.

The standout in the cusiness section was once again the Harbour View Caravan Park.

A display to rival any in the state.

The winners of the Christmas light displays were: 

  • House: Damo and Leah James
  • Equal second: Olly and Kersty, Kerry and Terry Davies, Larry and June Young, Kalari McKeown, Rod and Sue Haywood, Julie Magnay, Adrian Higgins, Sharran and Ade Franklin.
  • Equal third: Glen and Kenz Klingberg, Col Inglis, Kiralee and Justin Beinke, West Terrace Cottages, Kathy Ramsey, Dave and Digna King, Andrew and Jeanette Schutz, Andrew Story and Stace Lines
  • Businesses: Harbour View Caravan Park (first),  Life Unlimited Church (second).

The Cowell Lions Club sincerely thanked all who donated, bought tickets, participated and assisted in any way, to make the 2017 Christmas festivities in Cowell one of the best ever, and the club hopes everyone will endeavour to make the 2018 pageant as good or even better.