A Noble victory in Cleve Mixed Pairs Championship

 Ladies’ Championship Pairs

Cleve’s women bowlers held their championship pairs recently with six pairs entering.

The green was a bit damp to start with as everyone waited for the misty rain to pass through.

It eventually cleared and play got under way. 

Eventual winners were Jacqui Dolling and Glenda Evans from Lorraine Deakin and Evelyn Kenny.

Men’s Championship Pairs

Only six pairs contested the Cleve Men’s Championship Pairs. 

Dene Noble and Colin Traeger and Mark Ward and Brian Dolling went into the play off where Noble and Traeger had a convincing win over Ward and Dolling.

Championship Mixed Pairs

The Championship Mixed Pairs had eight entries, played in two sections.

In the first section, Noel and Denise Millard were the winners to have a play off against the winners in the second section, who were Dene and Rina Noble.

It was a good final for spectators, with all players showing a good standard.

Both Denise Millard and Rina Noble led well for most of the day and pulled off some spectacular shots during the game, with their partners doing similar.

There were 12 ends to play and at the eighth end the score was nine to three to the Millards but the Nobles were soon right behind them on the ninth, eight shots to nine.

The next three ends went Dene Noble’s way but not without the Millards trying their hardest to get back into the game.

The final score saw the Nobles victorious with 15 shots to the Millard’s 12.