Three R’s still Council priorities

Once again the year has quietly nearly slipped by, for some a busy year, for most a new year to look forward to, with new challenges, new ideas, programs to complete and new enthusiasm to give it our best shot.

Yesterday we cannot change, but can always learn from it, both positive and negative, eventually we should in theory be getting most things right, something to look forward to.

Rate Capping was a hot topic for a while this year, it had been tried interstate with a mixed bag of results, mostly negative, creating problems with infrastructure maintenance , let alone improvement and renewal of assets, such as roads.

This year we recognised it was forty years since the Cleve Community library in the Cleve Institute was closed and the Cleve Area School library became the School and Community Library, and the Cleve Institute became officially the Cleve District Hall.

This was achieved with the strong support of the District Council of Cleve, the Cleve Area School and the community, there were major renovations to the Hall in 1981, including a new enlarged stage and main hall jarrah floor to encourage the use of the hall.

The three R’s, Roads Rates and Rubbish are still high priorities for Council, but health, education, relaxation, and wellbeing are equally as important for our community.

Council can play a role in seeing that these priorities with the support of the community are achievable.

On behalf of Cleve District Council I wish you all a blessed and happy Christmas, and may the New Year be kind to all of you.

Roger Nield,

​Cleve District Council mayor