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Letters to the Editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
Letters to the Editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Findings from ANSTO visit

We recently attended the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Canberra to meet officials in regards to Kimba hosting the low to intermediate level national radioactive waste dump.

Some of the key findings and myths we would like to debunk from our experience:

(Resources) Minister (Matt) Canavan stated long term jobs will be 10 to 15 NOT the overstated 15 to 30 jobs which are often quoted.

$10 million will be paid to the host community.

There is substantial storage capacity at ANSTO in the most secure and well monitored facility in Australia. There seems to be no legitimate reason to transport intermediate level waste 1700 kilometres interstate through many towns to a “temporary storage” facility.

Of particular interest to us was a CSIRO case study presentation on a similar low level waste facility in Dessal, Belgium. Dessal will receive $190 million AUD as opposed to Kimba’s $10 million. The job estimation for the Dessal facility is 12 long-term jobs, their community had 100 per cent community support compared to Kimba’s 57 per cent just to get to stage two.

It will be 37 years from Belgium’s nationwide survey to their proposed operation in 2022. The Dessel community receives their money only after operation commences.

If Kimba’s timeline follows the Belgium experience, Kimba can expect n National radioactive waste dump and associated community money in 2054.

Both CSIRO and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) confirmed that the government can’t hurry this process.

For us the most disappointing part of our trip was a meeting with Minister Canavan. When asked why he progressed Kimba to the next stage of this process his response was “It was touch and go”.

He admitted to seeing division in our community, despite stating in the Senate that he would need figures in the vicinity of 65 per cent support for a facility he has disregarded the division and as a result disregarded the community welfare of Kimba.

We welcome the call by Senator (Rex) Patrick for a senate inquiry into the process undertaken to date which will hopefully expose the truth behind the unfair Kimba process.



What most people want?

The nuclear dump is not “what most people want” Mr Wilson and we already know that from the 43 per cent who said NO at the plebiscite and it is reasonable to presume the $2 million granted at the same time to proceed to stage two did influence the vote.

Add the illegal status under state law of the nuclear waste proposal, it is clear to many there is no “broad” community support as claimed. 

It is time for me to take a break from the war of words on this ill conceived project and to return in 2018 refreshed and sharper to continue to offer much better alternatives.




After learning that the “consultancy costs” for the Department of Premier and Cabinet almost trebled from $1.8 million to $5.33 million in 2016-17, The Advertiser, December 16, it is clear that after 16 years in government Mr Weatherill, Mr Koutsantonis and their ministerial counterparts lack the desire and personal strength to lead our state.

After the 2018 election, South Australia needs strong and decisive leadership, which is not afraid to make necessary and much needed economic and social decisions, which at times may be unpopular.

John Lydgate once said “You can't please all of the people, all of the time.”

Time for change.



Eastern Eyre Peninsula Henderson Shield Squad

The Eastern Eyre Peninsula Henderson Shield Squad is as follows:

  • Zac Crabb
  • Todd Schumann
  • Carl Jaeschke
  • Alec Klingberg
  • Zane Wykamp
  • Judd Wykamp
  • Matty Deer
  • Jarrad Schiller
  • Nic Gale
  • Tom Davey
  • Sid Masters
  • Ashley Masters
  • Ryan Selkirk
  • Ben Shannon
  • Ethan Kwaterski
  • Nathan Byrnes
  • Johno Forrest
  • Geoff Rissmann
  • Johnny Noble
  • Thomas Weiss
  • Jack Weiss
  • Tim Boehm
  • Justin Beard
  • Kerrin Siebert
  • Saxon Kay
  • Cain Reynolds
  • Jake Stutley
  • Brodie Pearson
  • Jamie Pearson
  • Zac Meyer
  • Jess Kenny

Training will be held on January 10 in Cleve at 6pm.

Please confirm availability with: Michael Noble A grade captain 0407961258 or Kierran Fiegert B grade captain 0427 001 073.


On behalf of the Eastern Eyre Cricket Association