Christmas festivities are the best thing

Personally, Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, not for the presents, but feeling that radiates around the place.

Everyone is cheery leading up to Christmas, well besides on Christmas Eve just as the shops are preparing to close for a couple of days.

It has always been a tradition in my family to watch the Adelaide Christmas Pageant on TV while putting up the Christmas tree with my sisters.

As we have grown up, found different interests and started working, it has made this small tradition even more special because it is a couple of hours where we have friendly conversations, which don’t involve our phones.

Despite being educated in Catholic schools, as a child I still put emphasis on the presents at Christmas rather than the special moments and traditions that come with the holiday.

Coming from an Italian family, our Christmases involve a lot of food and very minimal present giving.

As a child, and even as a pre-teen, I hated that we didn’t do much in the sense of Christmas presents or other Christmas things, like going to Christmas carols.

However, as I got older and matured, I found joy in these meals at my Nonna’s, which was one of the few times of the year that my whole family would come together for meals, with some family living hours away from Adelaide.

I have found a much greater for love for all of the little things that come with Christmas.

Going to the small council pageants, walking around the streets and suburbs that have extreme Christmas light displays, the small Christmas markets and the barbecues with friends to celebrate the holiday season.

Now living in a small country town, my love for these little things has grown.

It has been lovely to see the local residents put in so much effort to celebrate the Christmas season.

I feel it is important to support the local events put on during the festive season.

Whether it is putting up Christmas lights or entering a float in the local Christmas pageant, these events make Christmas in our small towns even better.

So if you are thinking about putting up lights or joining the pageants, remember that your effort can mean so much to someone who loves the Christmas holidays.

Kathrine Catanzariti