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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

The same old story

The government response under Mr Wilson's name as to why Kimba is the only site available for nuclear waste in Australia adds nothing new and no prospect for reconsideration.

To call this process volunteering is absurd. The successful volunteer will receive four times the land value for their 100 hectares and that is not volunteering in the mind of Australians. Australia is not just the community of Kimba.

Particularly as we realise that our government will not volunteer a small fraction of land including prospective sites already researched and lying unused.

The issue was kicked off by two federal Liberal MPs one present and one previous "volunteering" their land at Kimba and Hawker.

The Lucas Heights low level waste storage capacity has no public audit of the radioactive waste levels of the various categories; much of which must be ready after 40 years "to be disposed of conventionally" and also the brand new almost empty big shed with the intermediate level waste.

If Australia is only sending Intermediate level waste to France to get intermediate level waste back what is the point and if it was not high level waste when it went to France what was it?

As far as taxpayers' money goes it falls from the Canberra heaven for politicians to bribe us.

There are only a handful of short-term beneficiaries from nuclear waste at Kimba or anywhere else.

The base of the 100-plus years community will remain so and agriculture will continue to rely on its reputation for "world's best practise" more than Sydney ever will.

We are still left with the reality of big government imposing its will with constant bombardment and endless funds against a small vulnerable and dynamic community fighting with nothing more than our beliefs and our volunteers who have no government funding whatsoever to say no.



Time for government to fix health problems

In December 2016, I had an accident whilst in Alice and hurt my left arm, after x-raying it, they could not determine if it was broken or not.

When I got home, I went to the local doctor, who wanted it x-rayed but there was no one in the local hospital at the time who was able to do it, so I had to go to Port Lincoln, a 250-kilometre round trip.

They told me there that if it was broken, they could not fix it, they usually sent these cases to Adelaide.

I was lucky our local doctor was able to do it when I got back.

In December 2016, my wife broke her arm badly, we went to the local hospital but no one was available to do x-ray, so we had to go to Whyalla.

It was badly broken but they said that they did not set bone et cetera so we had to go to Adelaide.

So there was a 300km round trip for nothing, fortunately while we were there, we caught up with a visiting specialist who looked at the x-ray and said it would need a pin and plate.

As we had private health cover, he was able to fix it the following Tuesday morning.

We drove to Adelaide, had the job done, a night in hospital then home, another 1100kms return.

I can’t understand how the SA government can waste so much money advertising themselves and their wonderful medical system, when all they are interested in is building monuments for themselves, instead of having decent facilities available for country people as far as health, roads, et cetera are involved.

I have done a little inquiring of my own and several things have been brought to my attention.

Whyalla footballers who receive limb injuries take themselves straight to Port Augusta where they can be fixed at all times, including weekends.

A local nurse told me that due to the shortage of licensed x-ray technicians locally, she offered to do the course but the SA government were not prepared to pay the $1000 fee.

One would think with a state election not far away the SA government would be doing all in their power to overcome these problems and forget their own self interest, self-praised ideas.


Arno Bay

The right issue?

It is a real pity that the same level of intense debate, bipartisanship and euphoria displayed at the passing of Marriage Equality Bill in our Federal Parliament last week, have not been evident when dealing with far more important issues for all Australians.

Health, education, employment, infrastructure, tax reform, power prices, government waste, drug epidemics and local industry development surely deserve the same level of intensity, if not more, which has been on constant display throughout the lead up to this over celebrated decision.

Seems to me that we have our priorities out of order, much like our current Federal Parliament.

When will our politicians cease their incessant desire to appease vocal minority groups rather than tackle matters of real importance to the majority of Australians?



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