Key snapper spawn sites remain closed

Four closure sites are in the Spencer Gulf.

Four closure sites are in the Spencer Gulf.

The annual statewide snapper fishing closure is set to come to a close on Friday, December 15 at noon but five key spawning sites will remain closed until the end of January.

Commercial and recreational fishers are prohibited from possessing, targeting and taking snapper within the 4km radius of each closure site during the closure period.

Primary Industries and Resources South Australia Fisheries and Aquaculture assistant executive director Sean Sloan said anglers could still make the most of the fishing season.

“Snapper is a highly valued and popular species for all of our fishing sectors and protection during its key spawning period is vital for the ongoing recovery of local Snapper stocks,” Mr Sloan said.

“Importantly, the closures only restrict snapper fishing in the five spatial areas, so anglers can still take advantage of the many snapper fishing opportunities available outside these areas when the season reopens on December 15.”

Snapper spatial spawning closures are in place at four sites in Spencer Gulf and a fifth site in Gulf St Vincent and will remain closed to snapper fishing until midday on Wednesday, January 31.