Cleve bowls off with Cleve

Men’s Saturday pennants

The two Cleve men’s teams played each other at home on Saturday, November 25 and it was a good sight to see the green ‘covered’ in green and gold.

Some rinks got off to a reasonable start, with good shots from players, but unfortunately for Gold, the Green team was too good, winning 94 shots 16 points to Gold’s 77 shots 4 points.

Gold skippers Dene Noble and Brian Dolling won their rinks against Green’s Geoff Illman and Noel Millard.

Green skippers Kym Wakefield and Ben Harris had good wins against Doug Burton and Graham Zwar.

As always, when the two teams have a home match, the club puts on a tea with steak, salads and sweets.

About 50 people attended to have a nicely cooked meal and a chat.

Cleve women’s pennants

The Cleve women were home to Wudinna, who were too good for the home team.

Wudinna won 101 shots 18 points to Cleve’s 77 shots two points.

Skipper Lorraine Deakin with 19 shots, won her rink against Heather Michael with 16 shots.

Pauline Wheare was at times able to keep up with Wudinna’s Marie Mullan but Mullan ended up with 29 to Cleve’s 25 shots.

Luckily, everyone was very close to finishing when the heavy rain started so it was a rush to get under cover.