Volunteers are the heart of communities

In country communities, volunteers play a vital role in the sustainability of their communities.

These communities often have to rely on community member to give up their time to ensure basic services continue to exist.

However, it is important to remember these volunteers have other jobs and responsibilities they need to attend to.

SA Ambulance is calling for new volunteers in the Eastern Eyre Peninsula region with the number of volunteers being low.

While you may not use an ambulance often, you may not even use it at all, there are people in the community who rely on it regularly.

You never know when you may need an ambulance and we always know that the ambulance is there.

With numbers low, it can mean the same few individuals are having to leave their friends and families to attend to you, which is why it is important to consider volunteering to help relieve the burden.

It is the same with other essential services needed in our communities, such as the CFS and SES.

You may have never needed assistance from these services but it’s reassuring to know that if you need them, they will be there.

However, if volunteer numbers fall, there may be gaps in the services available to the communities.

Volunteers are not only important in the service sector, they are also important in our schools, our sporting clubs, our churches and other clubs and associations.

Without our local volunteers, sporting associations and their clubs would not be able to run on a week-to-week basis, schools would not be able run extra events and churches would struggle to run regular services.

Local sporting superstars may not get the opportunity to reach their full potential because it takes volunteers to coach them and to teach them the rules.

If you have ever considered volunteering, whether it is with a service such as SA Ambulance or just with your local sporting club but have never got around to it, now is the time.

You do not need to give up days of your time, sometimes all you need to give is a couple of hours a week or even in a month.

Volunteers make up the heart of country communities.

Kathrine Catanzariti