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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

The decision is entirely yours

I refer to ‘We can be beneficial or detrimental’, Eyre Peninsula Tribune, November 23, and wish to respond to a few of the points raised.

The reason the government is consulting the Kimba community about possibly hosting a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility, is that’s what most people in the community want.

The reason we have a $2-million Community Benefit Program for local projects in the area, is to help offset the short-term interruption that is caused by this consultation process.

No matter where it is located, this facility will be both built to world’s best practice and it will contain no waste that is liquid or corrosive or that could ever leak, spill or damage the environment.

And, of course, there is no similarity between our storage facility for low and intermediate level waste, and a nuclear reactor.

As for transport, every week radioactive material is already safely transported to 250 hospitals and nuclear medicine centres in Australia and region.

And according to the World Nuclear Association, globally there are about 20 million consignments of radioactive material are transported each year on public roads, railways, and ships.

There has never been any accident in which a Type B transport cask – the type of container used for intermediate level waste – containing radioactive materials has been breached or has leaked.

This will be a safe, job-creating national facility but it will only be built on land that is volunteered and that is technically suitable, and is near a community that broadly supports it being there.


Department of Industry, Innovation and Science head of resources

Unity versus division 

It was a privilege to be on the steps of our state Parliament House with a full cross section of South Australians from all walks of life united to demonstrate against the Federal Parliament dumping Australia's nuclear waste in our state and to remind ourselves that it is illegal in South Australia passed in bi-partisan legislation by the South Australian parliament some decades ago. 

At a personal level, as the MP who was a leading advocate for the building of such a facility in South Australia over 20 years ago at Woomera, it was a real pleasure with conviction to be with a totally united group against this illegal activity compared to my own local totally divided community for and against a nuclear dump at Kimba sponsored by the bi-partisan federal parliamentary legislation passed in 2012 where its intent stands in total contempt of the state legislation, which ensures a nuclear dump remains illegal in South Australia today unless rescinded.



Bus schedules needed

I am working on a project for which I need a copy of the timetables of Stateliner buses which departed Adelaide in June 1979.

These can include buses which terminated in Port Lincoln or passed through Port Lincoln to further destinations.

If any reader has saved any timetables from back then, I would dearly like to hear from them on dc1948@bigpond.com.

Thanks very much.


Goolwa Beach

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