Severe weather for northern EP | PHOTOS

The northern Eyre Peninsula will face severe weather Thursday night and Friday morning as Thursday  mornings thunderstorms on the West Coast and the Eyre Peninsula move north easterly.

Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) senior forecaster Matt Collopy said the bureau’s severe weather team was concerned about the northern Eyre Peninsula.

Mr Collopy said some parts of the state were likely to receive between 50 millimetres and 70mm of rain.

He said some parts of the state could receive 100mm of rain in a day, which would be near record rainfall and be “two months of summer rain falling in one day”.

“That’s near record rainfall for this time of year.

“The thunderstorm has the potential to form a supercell … the high end of damaging thunderstorm activity,” Mr Collopy said.

The northern Eyre Peninsula could face large hail, destructive winds and large amounts of rainfall.

Mr Collopy advised those in regions with large amounts of rainfall to stay updated via their local radio station.