Community support is strong in the region

As it has already been more than six months since I moved to Cleve and started working at the Tribune, I thought it would be great chance to reflect on my time here.

Firstly, I want to take time to thank all of the farmers, farmers’ wives and children, for answering all of my questions about farming, as I was completely clueless when I first moved here.

I have already learnt so many things about cropping and livestock in my short time here.

The amount of information I have learnt about oysters is also enormous. 

I am so grateful I have had the staff at Eyre Shellfish teaching me new things every time that I visit the facility.

I have fallen in love with the communities here on Eastern Eyre Peninsula.

I have seen the communities come together to support their own and others.

We have had the Cleve Sporting Bodies’ first Colour Run, which was a massive success thanks to people not only from the communities within the Cleve districts but also from all over the Eyre Peninsula.

This week alone, I have reported on two separate fundraising efforts in the region.

Sharon Crettenden has done an amazing job collecting more than 80 bags for the It’s In The Bag campaign across the Eastern Eyre Peninsula and so has everyone who donated bags.

Down the road, a group of men from Pringles Crouch in Cleve and Kimba have given up their choice of facial hair, much to the disgust of some of their wives, in order to raise awareness for men’s health.

These are just some of the most recent fundraising efforts in the region and there have been many, from people walking across the country to trading tables in the streets.

I made my way to Arno Bay for the Christmas markets on Sunday and it was amazing to see the amount of cars parked along the street.

I am proud supporter of shopping locally, so I was impressed to see the amount of people turning out to support local businesses and I urge everyone to continue to do so through the festive season.

I hope that our communities do not ever stop supporting each other because this community support is what makes our region so special and unique, compared to the major cities.

Kathrine Catanzariti