Flashback Friday – 2009

Ah, 2009, Kevin Rudd was still living in his Kevin ‘07 prime as Prime Minister, and Mike Rann was our Premier.

South-East Australia somehow managed to survive a 1 in 100 year heatwave right at the beginning of the school year, meanwhile Queensland was facing flooding and sever rainfall.

It was the year that saw everyone fear the pig, as swine flu caused its first Australian fatality.

Four Mile uranium mine was approved by the Australian Government.

A six-month-old baby survives when his pram rolls off the platform at Ashburton railway station, Melbourne and is struck by the approaching train.

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull apologise on behalf of Australia to the "Forgotten Australians": people who suffered neglect and abuse as children in state care, in particular, thousands of Home Children – British child migrants forcibly emigrated to Australia until the 1960s.

Fremantle kick only 1.7 (13) against Adelaide at Football Park. This constitutes the first score of fewer than three goals since 1991 and the lowest AFL/VFL score since Richmond kicked 0.8 (8) against St Kilda in 1961.

Geelong wins the 2009 AFL Grand Final, beating St Kilda 12.8 (80) to 9.14 (68), Kimba’s Corey Enright was a part of the premiership team.