Flashback Friday – 1990

1990, the year that saw the beautiful thing known as the AFL come to life,

Collingwood draws its elimination final with the West Coast Eagles. The AFL finals schedule is thrown into chaos and the Grand Final is rescheduled to be played a week later than usual. Extra time is subsequently introduced for future finals matches.

Collingwood then went onto win the first AFL Grand Final.

Bob Hawke was still the Prime Minister, and he pledged millions to go towards a new new Melbourne sport stadium.

Carmen Lawrence became Australia’s first ever Premier in Western Australia.

The Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody focuses on police.

The 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser goes on sale in Australia for the first time. It is considered to be the greatest 4WD ever built.

Fashion was all about baggy t-shirts and tapered jeans, and don’t forget the neon colours.