County Jervois Uniting Parish welcomes new pastor

After being without a pastor or minister since 2014, County Jervois Uniting Parish commissioned pastor Brenton Smith on Sunday, November 12.

Pastor Smith and his wife, Chris, have moved to Cleve for his first placement as a pastor, after living in the Birdwood area as a boiler maker/welder.

He completed a Bachelor of Ministry in the mid-1990s but only started the process to be placed in July.

Pastor Smith will run services at Cleve, Cowell, Arno Bay, Driver River and Coolanie, as well as visitations, bible studies and funerals.

He is looking forward to getting into the work.

“I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into the ministry and pastoral work,” he said.

“Having a full time placement means that I will have time to reflect, wait and spend time with people.

“I think it’s important to build trust in the community, instead of coming in and changing everything.”

Pastor Smith is excited to live the country life, after getting a taste for it in Birdwood.

He is looking to organise local motorbike rides with his group, the Christian Motorbike Riders Association, so that he can ride his Moto Guzzi.

Pastor Smith will be attending Cleve on the first Sunday of the month, Cowell on the second, Arno Bay the third, Driver River the fourth and Coolanie on the fifth Sunday of the month.