Facility grant will go ahead

The Cleve District Council has again voted to give the Cleve Sporting Bodies a $250,000 grant for its proposed new Multi-function Community Sports Centre.

The council previously approved the funding earlier this year but had to rescind the decision based on legal advice following a complaint about the council’s approval process.

After public consultation finished on October 20, the council considered 341 submissions, from within and outside the district.

There were 295 submissions supporting the project and council providing financial support, with a one-off capital contribution of $250,000.

There were 33 submissions supporting the project and council financial support in the form of a loan.

Two submissions were neither for or against the project but said any council support should be in a form of a loan only.

Four submissions suggested the council give more than $250,000 and only two submissions were against the project.

After lengthy discussion at Tuesday’s council meeting, the council voted to give Cleve Sporting Bodies a once-off capital contribution of $250,000.

The contribution is contingent on Cleve Sporting Bodies receiving sufficient grant funding from the Office of Recreation and Sport and Building Better Region funds.

If the group does not receive the expected grant funding, the council will loan the group the rest of the money for the project.

Another condition was that the facility had to be equipped and made available as the District Emergency Centre.

Cleve Sporting Bodies president Kelly Richardson said the organisation was happy with the decision.

“We are excited that one process has been finished,” Mrs Richardson said.

The organisation also received formal approval to demolish the damaged building and build the new facility.

However Mrs Richardson said nothing would happen to the building until the grant funding was received.

“The volunteer hours are part of our grant submissions and the RDA (Regional Development Australia) has told us not to do anything until we get the money.”

It has been nearly two years since a storm damaged the Cleve Sporting Bodies’ facilities.

All of the submissions are available to the public on the Cleve District Council’s website in the November agenda.

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