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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Marking 45 years of National Trust

Celebrating 45 years, Cleve National Trust.

Open day – 10 ‘till noon this Sunday – a must!

Mark on your calendar November 19 date.

Scones and sausage sizzle, don’t be late!

Make time on Sunday, so much to see.

Cleve National Trust, the place to be!


On behalf of Cleve National Trust

How is Kimba the only site for dump?

Thank you Mr Wilson for your balanced response on behalf of the federal government re the proposed nuclear dump at Kimba.

You have done a great job on behalf of your employer and it is remarkable that in a huge country like Australia that Kimba is the only site available.

I know about Hawker but the Aboriginal voice will stop that.

The even more remarkable thing is that for all Mr Wilson's work on behalf of the government we have not heard a word since the federal election from our federal MP on this vital matter, as he was the original proponent by offering his property and then withdrawing.

And of course the Kimba proposal was totally withdrawn leading up to that last election and we were reassured by the Minister that it was all over.

Those of us who totally oppose the proposal are constituents of the federal member as well and need to hear his reasons for the complete change.

An explanation about how the Woomera mixed waste of low level and intermediate level will be dealt with is essential and I would be interested in joining Mr Schmucker if that could be arranged.

As far as the simple logistics of the proposal and after my visit to Lucas Heights in recent weeks I offer my total conviction of what the reality is for the waste produced at the nuclear reactor site.

(1) 85 per cent of the waste after reaching background radioactive levels is discarded to the community tip for conventional disposal.

(2) the remaining high level waste goes to France for processing and the waste equivalent returns to Australia as intermediate waste in a specialised container, which currently is in a new, almost empty large shed at Lucas Heights, well clear of other facilities. On a basic calculation, the one container representing 40 years of waste means there is hundreds of years of space remaining.

The “world's best practice” for ANSTO is because they do not wish to have their attention “diverted” from the production of nuclear medicine.   

How hard is it to store 40 years worth of intermediate level waste in one container, in one nice, new shed, near the facility at Lucas Heights, which will always have to be managing the waste as part of the everyday process where the best people in Australia to do the job are based?

To conclude, if the authorities still insist that there is no room at Lucas Heights, the Labor initiated 2012 legislation which opened up the “volunteer” principle leading to the Kimba situation, via the federal MP can be easily managed by the federal and state government working to “volunteer” the elusive 100-hectare site from the ample supply of government controlled land around Australia in the most isolated and safe location  in our big country, for the intermediate waste, well away from the divisive debate about which wheat paddock where.

Too easy - let's do it.



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