Davey hits an unbeaten 76

A grade

Lock 10/112 lost to Port Neill 4/115

IN the A grade game played at Lock, Port Neill’s T. Davey hit an unbeaten 76 off 50 balls and was well supported by the bowlers.

In Lock’s innings, B. Lienert and T. McDonough each captured three wickets, with wicket keeper D. Lienert also in on the action, snatching four catches.

Lock won the toss and elected to bat, however it was B. Lienert who claimed the top order, capturing the first three wickets, S.Kay bowled for five, C. Wheare caught by S. Masters for 11 and C. Reynolds caught behind for 30, his side’s top score, to see Lock 3/63.

From then wickets fell regularly, McDonough and B. Hannemann continued to put the pressure on, taking the next five wickets between them, K. Siebert caught by S.Masters for 12, R. Boot (three) and J. Beard (one) both caught behind, T. Boehm caught by B. Lienert for zero and J. Davies caught behind for five.

The total was 99 when F. Slape was bowled by L. McDonough for 11, followed by S. Young’s dismissal bowled by J. Cox for seven. 

Lock were all out for 112, not out batsman H. Wright on eight. 

A feature was Port Neill’s fielding, holding their catches, backed up some good bowling.

T. McDonough bowled five ecomonical overs to snare 3/8, with B.Lienert also claiming 3/29 from his nine overs.

B. Hannemann bowled five overs taking 2/3 and L.McDonough 1/15. 

Slape removed both openers as Port Neill lost early wickets, McDonough caught by Wright for one and D. Leinert caught behind by C. Reynolds for four.

Beard picked up D. Hannemann’s wicket caught behind for 21 and Siebert and Boehm combined to send S. Masters on his way before he scored. 

Davey was still there hitting out and heading his side toward victory, with B. Lienert they scored the necessary runs in 41 overs, with six wickets in hand, Davey’s fine knock contributed 76 valuable runs, with Lienert not out on nine. 

Slape bowled five overs to claim 2/21 ,with single wickets to Boehm and Beard.


Lock lost to 7/91 Port Neill 4/164

Port Neill’s C. Llewelyn and the middle order set up a winning score for the team to finish with 4/164 and restrict Lock to a total of 7/91.

Llewelyn opened and retired on 27, B. Smith and T. Laas fell to N. Pearce’s and F. Kammermann’s bowling before J. Cox (26) and L. McDonough (25) boosted the tally, both retiring.

D. Smith contributed 16 before being bowled by J. Kammermann and when the score had reached 152 M. Scheisser was caught by S. Pearce off T. Proctor.

K. Lewis and A. Hartwig both retired, leaving the Masters boys not out at the completion of the 28 overs, for a score of 4/164.

Single wicket takers for Lock were the Kammermann boys, Nick Pearce and Proctor.

Lock lost two early wickets; it was then S. Pearce and A. Siebert who steadied the ship both retiring on 25 and D. Wheare who contributed 17 before retiring.

Scheisser and the Masters boys did the damage in the lower order with the ball picking up five wickets between them, Proctor, J. Gray, J. Kay, J. Beard and J. Durdin. 

At the end of the innings, J. Kammermann was not out.