Gymkhana fun for riders at Caralue

Perfect weather greeted the crowd for the 2017 Caralue Gymkhana held on Saturday, October 28, at the picturesque grounds at the base of the Caralue Bluff.

A strong field of 42 competitors enjoyed the fun-filled day full of gymkhana action and games for the whole family keeping the many spectators thoroughly entertained.

Competitors rode, ran, balanced and apple bobbed their way through the 41 horse events with never a dull moment.

Members of the crowd also participated in some of the events, such as thread the needle and the egg and spoon race, which provided plenty of fun and action.

After a delicious dinner the crowd participated in the boot toss and a hotly contested tug-o-war where competitors participated in some serious tactics keeping the crowd thoroughly entertained.

The games were successfully run by Dusty Osborne, raising money for the World’s Greatest Shave.

Family entertainment did not end there with the feature event the ‘Caralue Gymkhana Yabby Race’.

With some encouragement from the crowd, the yabbies sprinted off with exception of Rob Harradine’s yabby who was just plum tuckered out from all the day’s excitement.

The Caralue Gymkhana Committee is grateful for the support of the competitors, spectators and the Kimba Council .

The event has fantastic sponsors who, without them, the event could not run.