CFS reinforces bushfire message: Be prepared

The program is aimed at educating women on how they can be prepared for a bushfire and what they need to do and be aware of in case the decisions are left to them.

CFS Region 6 Group Officer Bryan Trigg explained that the program had made big improvements to the preparedness of many homes in the region.

“Around 60 women from the district took part in the Fiery Women program and as a result they are more educated and aware,” Mr Trigg said.

The nation is currently amidst the Country Fire Service’s Bushfire Action Week, which will run until Sunday November 3. 

The objective of the week has been to remind people about the risk their properties and family face in the warmer months and encourage those without a survival plan, to put one in place.

Throughout the week there have been a number of events on all over the state, helping to raise awareness of the risks we all face in the bushfire season including an ABC outside broadcast on the Cummins Area School oval on November 2 that will also host displays and local brigade interaction.

CFS Community Education Officer Therese Pedler stressed there were three things people needed to be aware of.

“Know your risk, know what you will do and know what your options are in the case of a fire,” she said.

“The message is the same as it has always been, Prepare. Act. Survive,” she said.

“It isn't new but it is just a matter of educating everyone and making people aware that it is their responsibility to be prepared.”

CFS Region 6 Group Officer Bryan Trigg demonstrates how to hose a fire.

CFS Region 6 Group Officer Bryan Trigg demonstrates how to hose a fire.