Lock CWA hosts table day

The Lock Country Women’s Association branch hosted the South Australian Country Women’s Association Buxton Group Table Day on Monday, October 16 at the Lock Institute.

Guest speaker Creagh McGlasson, gave a “blokes view” of CWA when he opened the table day. 

As a child he remembered the CWA ladies setting up their table in his mother’s lounge room in preparation for the big day.  

Mr McGlasson said as a “young buck” he enjoyed the local debutante balls.

Upon moving to Lock he was invited by some friends to a CWA ball and that night met the woman he went on to marry. 

Mr McGlasson said he and his wife continued to attend many balls with his wife being sashed queen on occasion.  

His mother-in-law was an avid CWA member and his wife also joined the local branch and is still a member today.

Mr McGlasson went on to encourage CWA members for the outstanding work they do and for the fundraising and support they had offered over many years and continued to do so today.

The Lock branch had displays of its 70th birthday debutante ball for which it won community event of the year in the Elliston District Council’s Australia Day awards.

Also on display were the finished quilts from a community craft group that began in May.

The group continues to meet monthly to share coffee, craft and chat.

Rudall’s table was declared the winner by judges from Octoman Group with Darke Peak and Arno Bay tied in second place with Lock coming in third. 

Outstanding awards were presented to Chris Smith, Evelyn Kenny, Joy Crosby and Rhonda Lum.

The single bloom winner was Gwen Smith and multiple bloom winner was Joan Post of Darke Peak.

The chair competition was also won by Joan Post with Trish Brown of Lock in second place.

The morning was convened by international officer Judy Francis who presented an entertaining and informative session on this year’s country of study, Jamaica.  

Dressed in costume she led Jamaican singing, shared pertinent information about the country including the flag, recipes, industries and weather.  

A video showing the extremes and attractions of Jamaica was viewed with avocado dip and lime biscuits shared.

The international competition of a pineapple boiled fruit cake was a double win for the Lock branch with Sylvy Dolphin in first place and Trish Brown in second place.

The group looks forward to state council in Adelaide on October 25 and 26.